One Lyfe Missions

2020 Mission

Our 2020 Mission/Campaign is called #NotForSale - which is predicated on bringing awareness to the alarming rate of humans being trafficked (sex trafficking, forced labor, and debt bondage) not only in the South Florida area, but throughout the world! We all at The One Lyfe will not be silenced and we are taking a vocal stand against the modern day slavery that is called Human Trafficking!

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2019 Mission 

Our 2019 Mission was Water The World - we teamed up with to bring sustainable water resources to rural areas in Haiti

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Ongoing Missions:

Lift For The 22 Campaign 

The One Lyfe’s mission is to leave this earth a tad bit better than we found it!  We are consistently looking for ways to create positive impact and bring awareness to important issues around the world. On September 18th we made a pact with our good friend Dan Newberry and his organization Lift For The 22, that we will join them on their mission to bring awareness to the alarming rate of veteran suicide - approximately 22 veterans lose their battle to suicide a day! 

Our One Lyfe - Lift for the 22 shirt was created to bring awareness. For every Lift for the 22 shirt we sell, we will be donating $5 dollars directly towards Lift for the 22 (501c3) non-for-profit organization.

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Rescue Lyfe Campaign

#RescueLyfe collection is all about creating a voice for animals of all shapes and sizes that have been abused, lost, or disowned! Our #RescueLyfe is a lyfestyle for those who are passionate about changing the lives of animals that haven’t had the easiest start to lyfe!

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With this collection, for every shirt sold $5 will go directly towards Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida, a national 503(c) non-for-profit company.