Lift for the 22

Our One Lyfe Lift for the 22 Collection was crafted to bring awareness to the alarming statistic of veteran suicide. Every day more than twenty veterans are lost due to suicide. For every Lift for the 22 shirt we sell we will be donating $5 dollars towards Lift for the 22 (501c3) non-for-profit organization. Lift for the 22 was designed to connect the veteran community, aid in the transition to civilian life, and reduce the veteran suicide rate by making fitness a forefront of veteran life. Since 2015 they have partnered with over 500 fitness facilities nationwide who discount/donate gym memberships to us, which they then make available to our brethren. Lift for the 22 believes that through fitness, camaraderie, and peer to peer support, that they can help end the suicide epidemic, and ease the transition to civilian life…

Here at The One Lyfe our sole mission is to help you take your ONE Lyfe further and we stand behind Lift for the 22.

Click here to ( ) learn more information about Lift for the 22 a national non-profit (501c3).